now what lawrence is up to


Right now I’m…

  • the program director of community media at mit colab & also running colab radio.
  • writing: (blogging almost daily) and working on a draft of my first book.
  • building my coaching practice and stepping into personal identity work (via websites) with a couple of friends…
  • obsessed with swarming and (to experiment with swarming infrastructure) helping to run/support several book clubs/reading groups including one with my friend nene called collective courage and another one with some evolutionary leaders on emergent strategy.
  • preping round two of a workshop on personal storytelling for social change at the prx podcast garage.
  • working on two podcasts with friends: the intersectional enneagram with abe and cocktail weenies/long distance drunk with sam (not yet public).
  • winding down my garden for the season: eating all my ripe tomatoes and saving some of their seeds, bringing rosemary cuttings indoors, trying to get my basil to go to seed.
  • resettling into a fall routine where i’m not always out of town.
  • freaking out about these hurricanes and earthquakes and fires and everything.

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